Saving Up for my Dream Camera

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Someone asked me recently: what is something you want to have in the coming months? Instantly I thought, a new camera. Granted I just got a new one, but one cannot have too many cameras, right? Especially when one sees Casey Neistat and Alice Gao picking up the latest Canon 5D Mark IV on Snapchat and YouTube. It wasn’t even advertising; they were getting one themselves for themselves. If you’re a pro or seriously into photography, you know it is the camera to have.

For awhile I’ve been using a digital camera for my blog, and eventually for my Instagram (it used to be phone-only). I’ve recently reluctantly, but happily, upgraded to a mirrorless camera. Thank goodness–I forget how these sensors make a huge difference. At my skill level, I’m feeling pretty confident about getting a full-frame DSLR (as mentioned above) or at least a full-frame mirrorless–Sony a7RII, I’m looking at you. Or both. It took me a full month to decide on which camera to get last month, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to decide on which one to get first, with the serious saving that I will need to do.

True enough, a $5,000+ camera is not going to be an easy trick for me, let alone two. Add to that lenses that could easily be $1,500 for each: 50mm f/1.4 USM for the Canon and a 24-70mm f/4 for the Sony.
What is a girl to do?
Well we’re going to start off with baby steps.

westpac cashnav on

First up is seeing where my money goes, and luckily the team at Westpac have asked me to try out their new CashNav app, which does that very thing - helping to show me where I’m spending all my money, and how I can better focus on getting new camera gear!

As suspected, it’s the daily takeaway coffee that I’m spending way too much of my hard earned money on. Okay, and pastries too because my sweet tooth always has a say. So here is my public pledge - I’ll try, no, I WILL, from now on, not spend that $10 a day on coffee and pastries, and put the $300 a month of savings, towards my dream cameras and lenses. It’s funny how when I can actually see where my money’s going, I feel like I have better control. Suddenly these wishes of mine feel closer to transpiring to reality already.

Is there something that you’re currently saving for?

In collaboration with Westpac; views and opinions are my own.

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