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This new channel on SKY is promising. It’s not your average television–it’s hip, it’s young, and it has a lot of rawness to it. Featuring gripping and engaging documentary style, the shows center on alternative culture, relevant issues, and unconventional topics. If there’s three words to describe, it would be gritty, honest, yet entertaining. I had a sneak peek of some of the shows that will be coming to VICELAND NZ (available now on SKY) and here’s some juicy shows to watch.

H&M outfit on notjaya.com

1.States of Undress. This is one I’m dying to follow, and binge on, if possible. Brushing off usual fashion television standards, States of Undress explores global fashion and goes underneath its skin to highlight issues surrounding the industry. For example, in the Congo episode, tall and thin models who adorn the runway are in stark contrast to the Congolese women’s ideal body type of round and voluptuous. There’s not a lot of media coverage in what goes on behind the fashion industry scene and it’s refreshing to see how this show provides awareness and spark conversation about particular issues.

H&M outfit on notjaya.com
H&M outfit on notjaya.com

Cherry Blossoms in Auckland on notjaya.com

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Pilkingtons, Auckland on notjaya.com
Oaken, Auckland on notjaya.com

2. Episode 2 of F*ck That’s Delicious zooms in on New Zealand’s culinary offerings. That was actually all I needed to hear to watch this show. This foodie had to know what they had to try and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ll probably just leave this here so you can find out for yourself!

Cherry Grove, Auckland on notjaya.com

3. Woman is truly an eye-opener. It delves into the lives of women who are caught in dangerous, dangerous worlds. Episode 2 follows the lives of former rebel women in Bogota, Colombia as they attempt to lead normal lives and reintegrate into society. If anything, the show begs you to reconsider the usage of #thestruggleisreal.

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Cherry Blossoms on notjaya.com

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