The Weekend in Pictures 

The Blind Date Project - If you’re following me on Twitter, you would have seen this coming. But I’ll say it again, this experimental play is hilarious. Two actors and one bartender is all you’ll need to be laughing your socks off. The Blind Date Project is on until November 29 at The Basement. This performance is a must-see. Pondering on going to see it again since every night is different. It’s hard to believe it’s unscripted too!

Frank x The Market NZ Drawing Class - After sleeping in on Saturday, felt a bit creative so went to squeeze a few juices at the Drawing Class by Frank Stationery at The Market NZ pop-up store. Learned a few tips and tricks on lettering while there. Frank Stationery is doing a good thing for children in need. Go check out their online store.

Hector and the Search for Happiness - I love anything Simon Pegg so this was on the list to watch. Hector is a sad psychiatrist who wanted to experience happiness for himself in order to better help his patients. After traveling to China, Africa, and the US, he comes home to realize happiness was already at home. Funny and soppy. Perhaps too soppy.

Grill and Shakes - Had the most amazing milkshakes at Grill and Shakes while exploring Kingsland on a Sunday. Sunny day and craving for milkshake. 4pm and everything was closing. Except for the place which had a sign “Best Milkshakes in Auckland” and “69 flavours.” Sold! I’m just so happy to stumble upon this place. I’ll be reviewing it on Zomato soon. I’m on Zomato now.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

1. Sign in front of Phoenix Cosmetics, Kingsland // 2. Peppermint chocolate & Coffee bean milkshake // 3. Grill and Shakes // 4. Channeling my inner Vivian Maier