The Weekend in Pictures

2 One Another by Sydney Dance Company - One of the best feelings in the world is to witness an act so pure, so artistic, so refined. It was a privilege to see the Sydney Dance Company perform 2 One Another during their visit in Auckland last weekend. The level of mastery and artistry by the dancers and their choreographer Rafael Bonachela is beyond amazing. The movements, the poetry, the music exuded excellence.

One Day Moko - You’ve heard about Saturday–it was raining the whole day and everyone was over it. Booked for One Day Moko’s last show at Q Theatre and it was the remedy for the somber weather. One Day Moko is a delightful one-man show created and performed by Tim Carlsen. It’s about living in the streets. I say delightful because in between Moko’s narrative, he checks up on the audience and invites them to participate by: tagging along the act (I became a nightclub bouncer for a minute), managing various props, or requesting a song for Moko to sing in his own tune. Moko ended the play with a reminder: “Carpe Diem hard-core!”

Parnell Festival of Roses - Finally, a lovely Sunday! Headed up to Parnell Rose Garden to wander around and fall in love with the roses (thus the rose-heavy imagery–can’t help it!). I smelt too many roses that day as well! There were food stalls and live music. Some Vines here and here. I particularly like Twistin’ the Swing’s Parisian serenades. I’m going to stalk them.

Rosie - When in Parnell, check out Rosie. It’s a small restaurant/cafe in Gladstone Road across Parnell Rose Garden titled Metro’s 2014 Cafe of the Year. Went there for tea and sweet treats. The meringue on the lemon meringue pie is divine. Have to come back there for the food.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Other thing worth mentioning: My most awaited package arrived!