The Week in Pictures

Blueberry Country - Visited Blueberry Country down in Hamilton during the week and came home with at least 2kg of pure blue bliss! It was a hot day and after almost an hour of relentless hunting for and picking ripe berries, we relaxed with blueberry ice cream and frozen yoghurt.

Zealong Tea Estate - On the way to Hamilton, we stopped over at Zealong not realizing it was a tea estate. Ended up having tea, naturally. They offer four varieties home-grown Oolong: Pure, Aromatic, Dark, and Black. We tried everything except the Dark. Great place to lunch or tea if you’re passing by the area. 

Taken 3 - The movie opened in January 8, but I was able to attend the advanced screening. In the third installment of the series (not quite sure that they’ll end here), you can expect drama and high-action that’s true to the movie’s spirit. The drama might feel more than welcome for an action movie when it occupies first half of the film. After the slow build-up, intensity is upped tenfold. Like Taken? Go see it.

Red Seal Fruit Teas - Pictured here and here. I’ve been enjoying sipping a cup of cold or hot of the new Red Seal Fruit Teas since I’ve received them a couple of weeks ago (Thank you, Red Seal!). These are the best fruit teas I have tried.  They’re bursting with flavor and you can enjoy them hot or cold! My favorites are the Strawberry & Rhubarb and Apple & Elderberry.

Hope you all had a wonderful week!