The Sunday Favourites #2

worn stories on

Lady Gaga’s memorable Sound of Music tribute at the Oscar’s. While I don’t normally listen to Lady Gaga, I’m aware of her genius and creativity but I was completely unaware of her singing prowess. It was an exquisite performance highlighting her artistry and versalitity as well as the timelessness of the Sound of Music.

Worn Stories by Emily Spivack. It’s a charming read exploring the sentiment and nostalgia connecting people and clothes. You can read some of the stories here. Also, another book that I’m not allowed to tell anyone yet.

Which article of clothing do I own has a story? I’m not known to bear heavy attachments and can’t think of any at the moment. I may have to dwell on it for awhile. How about you? 

Storm & India’s Milky Oolong artisan tea. It’s exquisite!

High-waisted shorts, Birkenstocks, and sunscreen. It’s officially autumn but I’m enjoying the leftover summer heat!

Visited Wise Cicada (Newmarket) for the first time during the week and took home a truckload of organic chocolate bars. I’m eating that! Also, did you know you can add chia seeds to your hot drink?

Excited for what’s to come next week. We’re going to see Skin of Fire, for one.


Happy Sunday everyone. Happy March!