The Sunday Favourites #1

Something from Nothing by Foo Fighters. They performed in Auckland last night and they put on an awesome show playing for two hours nonstop. It’s amazing to follow these guys for years and finally see them play live.

Refinery 29: Style Stalking. Not exactly what you would call reading. Also, Ignore Everybody by Hugh McLeod.

I want to see the Foo Fighters again. On a side note, I’ve just re-watched Fargo and I’m blown away by the superb storytelling, even more so than the first time. Good news is it’s been renewed for a second season premiering late this year. The question is who’s worthy of replacing Lorne Malvo?

Vanilla Pod hand cream from The Aromatherapy Co. that I got as a birthday gift from Farmer’s Club last year. It smells divine. This one’s discontinued but I’m sure there’s no shortage of vanilla hand creams elsewhere.

My beautiful Lack of Color Montana Mirage hat has been doing a great job of protecting me from the sun. It’s a head umbrella, really.

At Milse, I had the Nectarine which is all sorts of fruity things (Alessi broke it down on her blog Ninjunkie Eats–check it out). It was meant to be a pre-dinner dessert, but we got so full we skipped dinner entirely. On other days, I wouldn’t mind ordering it for breakfast.

Hopeful. I was re-introduced to the inferiority of my current phone camera after spending a few weeks with the loaned Note 4. It was a sad departure. But, good things come to those who wait. Say, next week. *excited*

My French Palette
from Lancôme, YSL Volupté Tint-In-Oil (which I will write about next week), and my Theo mini pouch by Rianna Philipps.

Have a lovely week ahead!