Tailor Skin Care Minis

If there’s anything I’ve learnt* coming to New Zealand, it’s that there’s definitely no shortage of natural skin care products here. (Or natural products in general!) I’ve been stalking quite a few local brands on social media for a while now, one of them being Tailor Skin Care. While I don’t remember how I came to know them, I remember reading a lot of people say good things about their products. And then…

Luck was on my side, and thanks to a giveaway, I received this beautiful package of Tailor Minis. Hurrah, hurrah! I can finally try their products and treat myself to some natural skincare. Here’s a list of the goodies that they sent me:

  • Tailor Oil Cleanse
  • Tailor Dry Cleanse
  • Tailor Moisturizer
  • Tailor Masque


These are called the Tailor Minis since they are of sample sizes. I really like how these are presented. The blue bottles and containers have label stickers on with the brand and product name typed in a font similar to Courier New (which I love!). It’s so simple yet feels personalized. I love the little glass bottles of the Oil Cleanse and Dry Cleanse. Especially the sound of them clinking together. Like a toast to good skin!

Sara Quilter, the beauty and brains behind Tailor, created the skin care line with natural ingredients in mind. The information cards printed in recycled paper lists the ingredients and instructions on how get the most out of each of the product. Some of the ingredients sounded alien to me, but I had no trouble there. Their website has a directory listing every single ingredient that goes into the products so you stay well-informed on what you’re putting into your skin. It’s so helpful and informative and makes you feel good to know that there are no chemicals at all. They are all natural and are said to be beneficial not only for the skin, but for the mind and body as well.

I’ve been using the Tailor Minis (except for the masque) for a little over two weeks now and here’s what I have to say about each of them.


Tailor Oil Cleanse

The main ingredients in this oil cleanse are organic sunflower seed oil, virgin organic coconut oil, and NZ hazelnut oil. It’s a wonderful combination and I absolutely love it! It works so well in dissolving dirt and makeup without irritating my skin. It has the right amount of consistency being not too light and not too heavy. The scent is a mix of coconut and a hint of mint (although mint is not listed in the ingredients). It’s a very mild pleasant scent. Tailor recommends following with Tailor Dry Cleanse, but I could just leave it at there since it cleans so well. Also, I realized the Dry Cleanse might not be best for me. You’ll find out below.


Tailor Dry Cleanse

The Tailor Dry Cleanse is a powder formula primarily made with NZ Bentonite clay. According to Tailor:

NZ Bentonite Clay: is an ancient volcanic ash deposit. A member of the Smecite clay family bentonite clay is rumored to have been sought by Cleopatra for her skin care ritual. It works synergistically with the skin to regulate sebum (oil) production. Bentonite clay leaves the skin feeling soft smooth and detoxed. You will find Bentonite Clay in our Tailor Masque and Tailor Dry Cleanse formulas.

Further reading on Bentonite Clay reveals that this mineral clay binds with and removes toxins and that it is not absorbed into the blood stream.

The powder is greenish grey in color. With enough water, it becomes a paste which you massage all over the face like an exfoliator. You can leave it to dry for a minute or more (recommended). Then it’s ready to rinse. What you’ll find after is the smoothest skin you’ve ever had!

Now to my reality. I really like this Dry Cleanse. I really do. But I find that it is a bit too harsh to use for the whole of my face as my skin is sensitive. The first time I did it, I ended up with a red face. A smooth, soft and glowing skin, albeit red. This works great for the nose area where blackheads tend to gather–it’s great for getting rid of it! If you’re prone to getting blackheads, you have to try this!


Tailor Moisture

I went through this tub first and foremost because my skin is so thirsty. This is probably the first green moisturizer I have ever tried. Literally, it is green. Likewise, it also has a clean green scent. This is a great moisturizer for normal to oily skin since it is lightweight and absorbs quickly. However, since I’m on the drier side, I found that I had to apply cream on top of it to make sure my skin is properly moisturized. Sadly, this alone is not enough for me as a moisturizer. But the ingredients on this is divine.


Overall, I’m very impressed with these Tailor Skin Care products. For one who has dry and sensitive skin, I’ve learnt to stay away from harsh chemicals and stick to natural products as much as I can. I’m very happy that I’m able to try these and I’ll definitely be using them until they run out. 

While they are amazing NZ-made natural products, the price tags on these are a bit over my budget. So purchasing them for myself is still a question. Nothing’s stopping me to add a few of them on my wishlist though, aka the Dry Skin Routine and Tailor Mist.

If you’re keen on trying Tailor, the Minis are the perfect way to start with. You can get it from their website (free delivery nationwide) and in various online stores. While their website gives you all the information you need about their products, their Facebook page is easily one of my favorites. As well as talking about skin care, their posts about wellness and beauty in general are highly informative and share-worthy. Some are funny too!

Next up, I’ll be putting the popular Tailor Masque to the test. Watch out for the review soon!


*I’ve also learnt how to spell learned with a “t.”