Spring Lately

breakfast at mezze bar on notjaya.com

Breakfast at Mezze Bar

stevie may dress onceit on notjaya.com
holm k'road auckland on notjaya.com

beauty style flatlay on notjaya.com

Marc Jacobs bag, Tom Ford lip gloss, Lancome cushion blush, Oribe conditioner, and Pouch by Yu Mei

ysl mon paris launch auckland on notjaya.com
salasai outfit auckland new zealand on notjaya.com

daniel wellington discount code on notjaya.com

Specsavers x Ellery sunglasses, Daniel Wellington watch (discount code: JAYA)

The trees are slowly coming back to life with baby leaves growing from its bare branches and I can’t be more glad that it’s finally Spring! A few gem finds lately. A cafe that serves Kalita Wave filter coffee and is definitely workspace worthy–Holm Cafe at K'Road. Spring pieces from OnceIt: my new fave white dress by Stevie May and skirt by Salasai. Lucky to find these in my size! Beauty faves as listed above (the Lancome Cushion Blush is perfect for my easy makeup routine). Lastly, the new black Daniel Wellington is just gorgeously sleek!