Spotlight On: Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse on

Isn’t it amazing how the look of one’s hair can completely change everything. Everything. I say this because I just had a much-needed haircut about a week ago and the few inches that were slashed off my hair made dramatic effects! One of my friends almost failed to recognize me in the picture I sent her of my new hairstyle. How about that?

Then there’s hair maintenance. Which is where my rave on the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse comes in. First of all, The Angel Wash & Rinse are the most fabulous smelling haircare I have ever tried. They smell of Lindt Dark Chocolate Orange–exactly like it. Bath time doubles as dessert time nowadays because of these. The label says they are for Fine Coloured Hair, but at the back it also mentions dry hair which is what I have. While my hair may not be exactly fine, I am a fan volume. In case I haven’t mentioned, these two are volumising! I can certainly and instantly feel the volumising effects while in the shower. After drying, hair is va-va-voom.

What I like most about the Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Angel Rinse is that they are sulphate-free and paraben-free. There’s absolutely no harm that these could do to your fragile hair. And it’s safe to use for coloured hair–I have one. I adore the packaging as well. It can get confusing to tell which is which while in the shower since they are alike and sometimes the color difference is not so obvious. Then again it doesn’t matter. If you’re after more volume, a trick is to use conditioner first before shampoo.

I’ve been using these for more than a month now. The outcome is always soft sweet-smelling hair, full of volume. So, thank you Kevin Murphy for my new favorite hair products!

For further information and stockists, check out the Kevin Murphy website here.