Seven Days of Change

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A few weeks ago, I was invited by Nespresso to take on Seven Days of Change, designed by life coach Louise Thompson. Essentially, it’s injecting a small dose of change everyday on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sides of daily life. As a creature of comfort, I felt challenged as I stepped outside my comfort zone. But as I’ve learnt along the way, change can actually make me feel good. And change doesn’t have to be big to make a difference either–small changes made consistently can make big impact. The little challenges I’ve done have suprisingly made a positive impact on my general wellbeing. I feel more aware, present, alive–and ready to try new things! Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

Research by Nespresso reveals that Australians are creatures of habit, with only 5% frequently introducing new ways of doing things into their daily life, despite 90% wanting more variety–they suspect NZ population is consistent.

I’ve had my ups and downs with coffee, but for the past six months, I’ve been consistently in love. The secret? Variety! If you’re like me, I like my coffee with intense flavour and aroma, which is why I know my Nespresso Intenso coffee varieties like the back of my hand. Roma for a relaxing day, Kazaar or Dharkan when I crave for a dark roast and Arpeggio when I want a hint of cocoa. There are seven Grands Crus in the Nespresso Intenso range and they definitely keep my morning rituals fun and interesting.

Read on to find out more about what transpired during my Seven Days of Change.

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Day 1: “Eat a frog” and free your stored energy. Small things put off for several days have the potential to weigh like a huge boulder on your shoulders. After declaring zero-inbox, I felt more energetic and had more time for other tasks and ultimately, more time to relax.

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Day 2: Habits vs intent. Start your day with choosing 3 words you wish to describe that day. ‘Now. True. Do.’ are my chosen words for the day to help me be more present, be authentic, and to encourage me to do what feels right. To remind myself, I’ve set the words as a wallpaper on my mobile phone. It’s kind of effective!

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Day 3: Do something completely new to challenge your senses, for example try new food. Discovering new eateries is one my favourite things to do. Brunch at Kiss Kiss Eatery also led me to try their Pandan activated-charcoal tart–a fantastic curious treat which supposedly have health benefits. Apart this new taste, I also enjoyed being transported to the tropics with their amazing interior. Love!

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Day 4: Don’t save it for the best - seize the day. Limited edition makeup, such as the above Dior Milky Dots and MAC x Charlotte Olympia, can be difficult for me to start using sometimes. But today I’ve conquered my fears. They may be limited edition but they have limited shelf life. Carpe diem.

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Day 5: Consciously create connection and gratitude. With the apparent decline of snail mail, sending out thank you cards can feel old-school yet new. Taking the time to sit down and handwrite notes to people who have made a positive impact on my life encouraged me to acknowledge little things and to not to take things for granted. Gratitude breeds happiness, right?

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Day 6: Go to bed an hour earlier with no technology. The most challenging of all! Whilst there was a bit of resistance, I’ve found that this change felt stabilizing and liberating. As a result, I slept better, dreamed better, and am able to focus more on what’s in front of me without the fear of missing out on what’s going on online.

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Day 7: Life/work volume vs life/work balance. It can be tough to say no sometimes, but it’s important to keep life/work volume at bay to achieve life/work balance. This day, I’ve finally summed up the courage politely say no to opportunities that are not in line with my principles. But I always say yes to the opportunity to slow down and eat macarons!