Review: MAC’s Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss

review: mac cinderella studio eye gloss on

There’s quite a frenzy over the new MAC Cinderella collection and I can see why—everybody loves a good old classic fairytale-based makeup. So when MAC dropped a goodie from the new collection, it was like a wish come true! (On a related note, I was at the New Zealand Premiere of Cinderella last Sunday and if you haven’t heard already, the movie is spectacular! I’ll write about it in another post.)

Back to the subject: the MAC Cinderella Studio Eye Gloss. When this product arrived at my doorstep, I tried it on immediately. I swirled my finger on the surface of the pot, swiped the sticky gloss onto my lids, and consulted the mirror. There it was—a beautiful shimmery sheen that catches light on every angle. Lustrous and brilliant. Given, the formula is gluey—it is an eye gloss after all—and the effect on me is a slow motion eye flutter when blinking. It is that sticky. As a look, it is very wearable. As for wear, comfort may be compromised. But, it’s a small sacrifice for pretty luminous eyelids—one I’m willing to make if the occasion calls for it. One funny but not so funny bit: it will catch hair like lip gloss.

Have you ever tried an eye gloss? Let me know below!