New: Billion Dollar Brows now in NZ!

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Some girls are a lipstick kind of girl, some girls are an eye makeup kind of girl, but every girl should be an eyebrow kind of girl. (There were a lot of girls in that sentence.) It’s true, the eyebrows makes a huge difference. Whenever I pluck my brows into shape, people notice something different about my face, in a good way. They usually can’t pinpoint it, but they only have to look above the eyes. It’s amazing how a few hairs on top of our eyes can do so much–they can tell other people we’re angry, happy, or excited. They can also make us less pretty or looking like a million. Or a billion, in the case of Billion Dollar Brows.

Billion Dollar Brows, or BDB, hails from the US and is touted as Beverly Hills’ best kept secret. They are the only cosmetics company dedicated exclusively to brows. So if you’re into brows like me, then you’ll love the assortment of brow products they’ve created.

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One of them is The Brow Buddy ($40) which is a curious-looking contraption designed to help find the start, arch, and end of the eyebrows. It is apparently a patented tool. A white khol pencil is included in the box to help mark those spots. At first, I felt weird holding the brow buddy up against my face while marking my eyebrows with a white pencil. In the end, I find it to be an efficient tool–and with great results! It’s perfect for those who are just starting to do brows. Most tutorials tell you to use a pencil to hold up against your nose to find where your eyebrow should start. This method could be a problem for those who have wider nose–that just doesn’t do justice. With this tool, I became more confident that the start and ending of my brows is just where it’s supposed to be. And my arch too, perfect!

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Another thing I liked from BDB is the Universal Brow Pencil ($33). On one end is the auto-liner and on the other is a spoolie. This thing is magic! I say that because the color and formula is amazing. There is just one shade though, which is why it’s called universal. The liner is made of jojoba and beeswax and is approximately in the shade of light brown. It’s just a matter of applying less or more to match your hair tone. I have a dark hair tone and I don’t need to mind how much I’m putting. There’s always the spoolie to blend and soften the lines.

More good news is that BDB is now available in New Zealand from today (November 24th)! If you’re interested in their products (there’s loads more besides the two above), you can purchase them off of the Billion Dollar Brows website or from selected stockists nationwide (list is also on their website).

If you’re in Auckland, you can also catch the BDB pop-up brow bar at Westfield Albany from 24th November to 28th December. There you can have your brows shaped and styled using BDB products, as well as purchase some brow goodies too!

I’ll be heading along there soon! Who’s coming with me?