Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel (SPF15/no SPF)

As if Neutrogena doesn’t have enough good moisturisers in their arsenal, they decide to create another range–a rather good-looking one, in water gel form, and packed with hyaluronic acid. Did I mention good-looking?

When I hear “water gel,” I hear “normal to oily skin.” I usually stay away from gel-based moisturisers since they are lightweight and work best for dehydrated skin and not dry skin. But the addition of hyaluronic acid convinced me to give it a go.

Based on experience, both water gels are similar in terms of appearance and hydration. There’s a small difference in ingredients but this is likely due to the addition of SPF. The SPF15 comes in a pump bottle while the no SPF variety comes in a pot.

Since I have dry skin, I found that I needed to re-apply this moisturiser after a few hours. It claims a 24-hour hydration, but that’s not the case with me. My skin tends to drink it up quickly. One thing that I like though is that it dries to a matte, velvety finish even after several applications during the day. I really think this works best for normal to oily skin types, like I predicted. If I had my old oily skin back, I’d really like to stick with the Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF15 for the sun protection and pump bottle.

The Hydro Boost range also includes a night cream and an eye roll-on. You can read more about it on the Neutrogena website.

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