LUSH Santa’s Lip Scrub - Prepare your lips for Santa Baby

LUSH has re-released a limited edition lip scrub for the festive season–Santa’s Lip Scrub. This cola-flavoured lip scrub is so delicious and I can imagine it being a hit to anyone who likes fizzy colas! And lip scrubs! The bright red coloring is perfect for the holiday vibe and doesn’t leave a stain on the lips. I especially like using this lip scrub in the morning after my lips have soaked lip balm overnight. My lips get really dry and flakey and exfoliating them in the morning makes them extra soft and smooth. This product holds up really well and doesn’t make a mess in the bathroom. I take it off with a tissue and apply lip balm afterwards. If your lips don’t flake all that much, then it’s safe to lick off the scrub off your lips as it’s tasty and edible.

This lip scrub is primarily made of caster sugar and extra virgin coconut oil along with other essential oils and extracts. A look the ingredients also lists Red Edible Hearts, although I don’t see much of them in my jar. 

As usual, LUSH products are handmade using fresh ingredients and cruelty-free. LUSH Santa’s Lip Scrub has been out for over a month now and will probably be available until a few weeks after the holiday season. Christmas stocking filler? Definitely!