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essilor eyezen parker & co on

essilor eyezen parker & co on

Gone are the days of staring at the laptop screen wondering why all text are suddenly blurry, while constantly convincing myself nothing is the matter. The nights, rather, since a night owl with myopic vision can only do so much. That is eye strain for you, mademoiselle, after a day of staring at screens for too long, reading RSS feeds, binge watching TV shows online, Twitter stalking–the usual habits of creatures of AMOLEDs and LCDs. Yet here I am at 10pm, typing away without complaint.

Essilor’s solution is exceptional; Eyezen lenses filter harmful blue light* emitted from screens and as a result, my eyes focus better and are more relaxed. After eight or so hours of a day’s screen time, my eyes aren’t dry and my eye blood vessels not at all angry. I now look at the digital world with blue light filtering lenses and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made recently. Eyezen lenses are for those of us who impossibly cannot live without digital devices.

*From experience, blue light a.) hurts my eyeballs and b.) disrupts my sleeping pattern.

My prescription hasn’t changed (for ages now), and Geoff, the optometrist at Parker & Co., said it’s unlikely that my eyes will get any worse. Said after a rigorous eye exam which felt like cardio for the ocular muscles. When the form they ask you to fill out asks how many hours a day you spend looking at screens, you know this is one optometrist who cares about vision in the digital age. And style–they have a wide range of designer glasses to suit different styles, face shapes, and mood. Being a creature of habit (9 out of 10 glasses in my collection are cat-eye frames), I went with the Tom Ford cat-eye dual-rimmed fashion glasses. My short bridged Asian nose definitely appreciates the addition of nosepads to this classic style and the subtle gold accents are understatedly elegant.


essilor eyezen parker & co on

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