Haul // Oh Natural & More

image1. Pana Chocolate - Love love love this chocolate. It’s raw, it’s vegan, it’s natural. It’s so yummy! A friend introduced me to Pana chocolate when she gifted a Mint flavored one and it was instant addiction. Got the Sour Cherry + Vanilla and Wild Fig + Orange from Oh Natural. They had a promotion for a free Pana Chocolate on a $50 minimum order, so jumped on the chance!

2. T2 Japanese GMC Sencha - Been on the hunt for Gen Mai Cha and was at T2 admiring everything, so naturally this box went home too. Green tea and rice is such a good combination. Our first tea from T2.

3. 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream - I thought it was time to give my eyes some extra TLC so I wanted to get an eye cream since I’ve never used one. The 100% Pure eye cream looked very promising. The claims on this are huge–in a nut shell, it will lessen everything you don’t like about your eyes (dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, etc.). It’s all natural and smells like dessert! I also got this from Oh NaturalIn four week’s time, I’ll be able to let you know if it’s as good as it claims to be. Watch out for the review!

4. Sukin Natural Deodorant - Okay, so I may seem like I’m on an all-natural movement now. Then again, all-natural is everywhere in New Zealand! It’s so good! And it makes me feel good about myself too. I needed mild deodorant and read great reviews on the Sukin Natural Deodorant on HealthPost so I had to try it! What I can tell you right now is that it smells really, really nice.

5. Garnier Ambre Solaire - Sun’s getting stronger as summer is fast approaching, which also means Christmas is here soon! If there’s anything about south hemisphere UV, it’s strong! The packaging is what attracted me to this one. And it doesn’t hurt to know that it’s hypoallergenic, contains no perfume and no colourants. This spray-on for sensitive skin with SPF50 is the perfect choice for me. I got this one from Farmer’s.

6. Decor from flo’s Home by Flo & Frankie - I’ve already mentioned how I love flo’s Home. I could stay there for a day. Found simple white vases on sale and took home two of different sizes. As well as the geometric-patterned placemat which doubles as a makeshift tray. I didn’t see them wrap the vases until we went home. It was a sweet surprise to find them covered in yellow paper! Oh so delicate and cute!

Special mention goes to my shopping experience with Oh Natural. My package arrived looking very lovely wrapped in craft paper and twine ribbon. The lovely Jenna also included samples of OMG Tea (which I loved). If you’re a fan of all-natural beauty products, then Oh Natural is the perfect place to shop! I’m planning on getting some Hurraw! Balms (maybe if there’s another Pana Chocolate promotion?). Everybody seems to love Hurraw! Balms.

So that’s the whole of my haul. I’m excited to see what the 100% Pure eye cream can do for me in four weeks, as well as the effectivity of the Sukin Natural Deodorant. Expect a review on both of these natural products soon.

Stay tuned, lovelies. I’ve got some exciting things coming up!