Haul // Farmer's


I had a gift voucher to spend at Farmer’s and bagged home some goodies!

1. Nude by Nature Virgin Blush - I usually favor cream blushes over powder since they can dry out my cheeks but the shade on this is more than good enough for an exception. The fact that it’s natural and made of mineral set my fears aside. I’m loving it so far. Watch out for the review soon!

2. Nude by Nature Mineral Brush - I wanted a brush that would complement the blush so I got this and it’s oh-so-soft. It’s hard to believe this brush made of synthetic fibers. Thanks Nude by Nature for not shaving any animals! This brush apparently has won a few beauty awards as well.

3. The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Feet Heat Rub - Relatively new to Aromatherapy Co. is their Therapy Feet range. Which is a great idea because who doesn’t love feet pampering? Okay, this foot rub is actually more for M, but I tried it too and it’s great for when your feet are tired. It is made with natural ingredients and contains menthol and peppermint. The cooling sensation goes deep within the muscles and relaxes your precious feet.  

4. Ecoya French Pear Mini Metro Jar - The Ecoya hype got to me after seeing people rave about them on social media and blogs. While at the store, I overheard some girls near the Ecoya shelf saying “These candles are delicious.” Naturally, I started sniffing. Where did I end up? Soy candle fragrance heaven! It was hard to choose which one to take home since they’re all lovely. But first in the collection is French Pear. It smells fruity, vanilla-ish, and divine! The jar is simple and elegant too. Have to get Sweet Pea & Jasmine next.

5. Clinique 3-Step Collection - These are actually samples from the counter rather than a buy. I have purchased these before although my skin didn’t really agree with the formula. It was sad to see them go to waste. I had oily skin back then but you know how the skin’s structure changes with time–I have dry skin now. Let’s see if I get a different reaction this time.

I’m so happy to come home with these, especially the Ecoya candle. It makes the room smell really nice.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

P.S. Enjoy the Labour Weekend! x