Go-To Lips & Exceptionoil

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There’s two wonderful things that I’ve been loving recently and they’re contained in the cutest peachy keen packaging. It talks funny too. I know we’re well in the heat of the summer, but when you’ve got dry skin you gotta stay hydrated, inside and out.

For one, I cannot imagine living without lip balm. If my lips aren’t moisturised for a day or more, it cracks and bleeds. Without exaggeration. Go-To Lips has been my saviour in recent days. It has the perfect heavy oily consistency and fruity flavour. It keeps my lips soft and smooth the whole day even with just one application. And I have pretty dry lips. I love it so much I can’t imagine parting with it.

For everything else, the Exceptionoil works just as effective. Oh and it smells even more lovely–it smells like a tropical floral paradise! I use this on my legs to give them a nice sheen, but I’d classify this as an all-around moisturiser. My only gripe with it is it melts into liquid during high temperatures. Although it tells you to put it in the fridge to avoid this from happening. All in all, it’s an adorable tube that I can take anywhere with me!