Fed St. Fashion

skycity federal street fashion on notjaya.comskycity federal street fashion on notjaya.com

#FedStFashion is SKYCITY’s collection of some of Federal Street’s best street style and I was delighted to be snapped by Apela Bell last Sunday - perks of being a digital ambassador for SKYCITY!

I decided to wear an oversized knit for the Nichiyo Brunch at MASU that day since the weather didn’t know if it wanted to be warm or cold - it turned out to be cold. Very cold. But nothing a warm beverage from Depot can’t fix!

I just love being at SKYCITY for all these reasons - great food (the Sunday brunch at MASU is a such a treat!), amazing vibes, and the plethora of interesting street style coursing through Federal Street everyday. Yes, I’m a regular!

Make sure you follow SKYCITY Auckland and #FedStFashion on Instagram for more Auckland City street style inspiration.