Facial Mists: Savar Instant Boost Multi-Toner

savar instant boost multi-toner on notjaya.comsavar instant boost multi-toner on notjaya.com

I’m not surprised that a lot of my friends don’t use toner in their skincare routine. I haven’t used one for the longest time myself. That is, until I discovered the magic of mist toners.

Most mist toners come with a rose scent or essence, which sets apart Savar’s Instant Boost Multi Toner ($51). This one has a light fruity and green scent, reminiscent of apple. With a 240ml recyclable plastic container, this is probably the largest bottle of toner you will find anywhere. Given the generous proportion, it’s easy to go trigger-happy with it–so happy that I enjoy using it for the body as well. The label says, “A refreshing, balancing spritz for your face and body…” It makes sense to restore the body’s pH balance as well, doesn’t it?

Marshmallow, organic white tea, and hibiscus extracts are some of the active ingredients that make this toner effective for dry and dehydrated skin. Often people with dry skin forego the use of toners for fear of aggravating the dryness. With the Instant Boost Multi Toner, one spritz on the face and it’s as if I’ve never had dry skin. I may go trigger-happy on the body, but one spritz is all I need for my face. The mist come out fine and will not move makeup when used as a setter. The bloggers at Savar also reveal a number of other uses for the toner, such as correcting make-up and mask removal.

I particularly enjoy using this on the body, after a bath or a shower. I imagine it would be cooling and refreshing to use on the fast-approaching summer days. The huge bottle may not be the most comfortable to travel around with, but you’ll be comforted to know that you won’t be running out of toner anytime soon. You can always transfer a portion to a travel-sized atomizer. As always, Savar’s skincare products are made of 99% natural ingredients.

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