essie Winter 2015 Collection.  

Since our winter is half a year behind everyone else’s, essie’s 2014 winter collection is our 2015. The colours may look a bit summery–and whether essie was trying to be different or oblivious, doesn’t matter, because this collection has fabulous sheers and corals.

Sheer neutrals Tuck It In My Tux (satin ivory) and Back In The Limo (peachy nude) are easy picks. Even after 3 coats, they stay beautifully sheer with just the right amount of colour. They go with everything and are perfect when I don’t want anything overpowering. Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low brings in the fine glitters in a pewter-slash-bronze shade which also works as versatile accent. 

For reds, Double Breasted Jacket is a juicy strawberry while Jump In My Jumpsuit is a punchy blue red (love this!). My favourite of the bunch is Bump Up The Pumps, a solid bright coral. I don’t mind wearing this all winter, spring, and until summer arrives!

Have you tried anything from this collection?