DKNY MYNY + MYNY Wristlet.

There is always something delightful about GWP (gift with purchase) offers: a. you’re getting something special and b. you get to take something more! Late last year, DKNY launched their new fragrance called MYNY which is a fun fruity-floral scent. And if you get it now, you get to bag home that cute red designer wristlet I’m carrying on the photo. This little bag is roomy and fits all my essentials (phone, cards, lip gloss). Yes, it’s red and screams Valentine’s Day (which isn’t long from now!). 

On to the fragrance. DKNY MYNY is housed in a heart-shaped bottle with a metal top. The cubic metal design mimics New York’s skyscrapers and concrete jungle. It’s very modern and cool. The fragrance itself is mild, sweet, and creamy. The first notes are sweet and fruity, then the sweetness subsides and gives way to a more creamy floral scent. The dry down for me is a floral with slight patchouli. The note composition of this fragrance is such a pleasant experience since I’m a fan of sweet, floral scents. Since it is a parfum, it lasts moderately long.

Overall, the MYNY is a mild feminine scent that’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. It would be hard to imagine anyone being offended by this fragrance. Now that Valentine’s is just a few weeks away, this cute fragrance + cute bag combo is a perfect gift for yourself or a girlfriend. How about starting dropping those hints now?