Currently Obsessed with MV Organic Skincare

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Up until a few weeks ago, I’ve been using Antipodes almost exclusively in my skincare routine. As a beauty blogger, I often receive new skincare to try and not all of them get to see the light of day on the blog since my skin is picky. It is partial, though, to natural and organic skincare so I was excited to try this skincare line hailing from Australia. It’s been well over a month since I’ve started using these products from MV Organic Skincare. And much to my delight, my skin loves them!

The Travel Essentials - Luxury contains a muslin cloth and a trio of cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. In other words, everything I need! The Gentle Cream Cleanser is easily a favourite. It smells like a slightly sweet lime which is very refreshing. The soft cream is massaged on the skin and wiped off with a warm muslin cloth, which makes rinsing obsolete. Afterwards, my skin is already glowing. I look forward to this ritual every night. If you also have dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, this is a must-try! I just love this cleanser.

The Rose Hydrating Mist and Rose Soothing Protective Moisturiser is a power combo for skin hydration. With any moisturiser, the trick is to apply them on damp skin. This way, they get absorbed easily and the mist helps with that. Because it is winter in New Zealand and the atmosphere is extra dry, I add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to the moisturiser for an extra boost. I love the packaging of each as they are secured in metal canisters and the tops are practically spill-proof, which makes them perfect for taking anywhere!