Cotton On Queen Street

Cotton On has recently opened a new store on Queen Street, dubbed as the largest Cotton On store in New Zealand. And last Saturday, we were able to check out the store opening. There were DJs playing, Instagram selfie competitions, customized shirts, as well as goodie bags for the first 100 customers.

The store is divided into two levels. The upper level houses the main clothing section, accessories, Rubi Shoes, Cotton On Kids, and Cotton On Body. On the lower level, you will find T-bar, Co, and  sale items. My favorite is the wall of black-and-white clothing on the lower level! It’s a treat to my monochromatic tendencies.

What they’ve done with the space is incredible. The layout, the lighting, and the interior is now at par with the look of stores overseas. I’ve been to the Cotton On stores in the Philippines and they were nothing like the old Cotton On store on Queen Street, which look tired. I’m very pleased with this update. It’s modern, bright, and trendy. I truly believe this store is setting the standards of high street in New Zealand. I hope others catch up soon!