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The Midnight Baker

WYSIWYG. I remember when I first learnt what it meant. ‘What you see is what you get’. Rarely does this term come up now since most of the tools we use on our devices are pretty much we get what we see. And that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling after some good weeks using the CashNav app (which I’ve talked about earlier).

Every so often we get used to our spending habits without seeing them, or without realising the cumulative effect of where money goes and where it could have gone. Or maybe we do know what we spend on most but we don’t really “see” these things. Like my takeaway coffee and pastries that could easily be $300 a month which could be put towards a new camera (a summer trip, shiny new shoes, really everything goes). Out of sight, out of mind—right?

I don’t think I would’ve realised these things if CashNav hadn’t shown me. Even better, it has shown me in a visually appealing, organised way that’s very helpful and informative. It even keeps me in check with notifications and tells me when I’m above my usual spending!

Once you see these details, something that had escaped me in my day to day life, you’ll start to see possibilities of how to better spend your money– and there are so many!Check my previous blog post about my dream camera; the camera that I WILL be able to afford very soon!

In collaboration with Westpac; views and opinions are my own.

The Midnight Baker NZ on notjaya.com
The Midnight Baker NZ on notjaya.com