Can’t Live Without: My Top 5 Apps

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With the dawn of a new phone and a new tablet* (also I’m recently testing out the new Samsung A5), installing my must-have apps happened thrice in a row, which led me to write this post. Without further ado, these are the 5 apps that I really can’t live without. Sorry Apple fans, I’m an Android kind of girl.

Swiftkey Keyboard - My Nexus 7 is now running on Lollipop and the keyboard is minimal and so handsome. But when it comes to functionality, Swiftkey is still the best out there. The prediction is amazing as it learns your writing style within days, less if you let it read your Gmail, Twitter, etc. My sister borrowed my phone for a day and it learnt her writing style right away. It took me a day also to help it remember me. The theme I’m using is Nickel: Light.

VSCO Cam® - This is my go-to camera app. I can’t live on Instagram without it. Granted, I survived with Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express before VSCO Cam was available on Android. But since VSCO arrived, I’ve been using it ever since. My favorite filter is S2. Aside from VSCO Cam, Snapseed is my 2nd most used camera/photo imaging app.

Lux - This is the Android version of f.lux (desktop and iOS). If you don’t know what that is, then I suggest you go download it now. It’s free. The premise is the screens emit a blue light which keeps us awake at night. These apps mimic the sunset (signaling your brain to rest and sleep) by adding an orange/red tint to the screen. The result is an eye-friendly and sleep-friendly device.

Google Keep - Handy for quick notes, to-do lists, random information, photos, ideas, etc. It is a simpler version of Evernote since there’s no way to organize the notes aside from colour-coding. I love the sharing ability!

Snapchat - This one’s pretty new to me but I’m addicted to it already! My favourites Snapchatters right now are Casey Neistat and Shonduras. While you’re at it, you can add me on there too! My username is notjaya.

What are your must-have apps?

*OK my tablet crashed and I had to manually reset it (aka wipe out everything) so it feels like new.