Bobbi Brown + Makeup Lessons

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It was about a month ago when I’ve received these new makeup from Bobbi Brown. It arrived just a few hours before we headed to Piha Beach for the NZ Perspectives launch and I was pretty excited to come home and try them. They also came with a brochure of the Bobbi Brown makeup lessons which you can view here. I’m looking to get either the Bobbi Brown Ultimate Makeup Lesson or Look of the Season.

I’ve been postponing writing this as I wanted to try out the makeup lessons as part of this post, but I haven’t gotten around to it so I may have to do a separate post on that. Instead, I’ll talk about the these fabulous Bobbi Brown products including the CC Cream, Lip Gloss, and Sparkle Eye Shadow. I love how the names of these products are straightforward and self-explanatory. On to the collection!

The CC Cream is my favourite out of the bunch. I’ve expressed my love for BB creams and the like and this one is no different. The formula gives a light coverage and a sheer luminescent glow. The shade Blushed Nude has a slight pink undertone to it but since the formula is sheer, it’s barely noticeable. The best thing is the SPF 35 (it contains oxybenzone as the sunscreen protection ingredient). The Bobbi Brown CC Cream has been my go-to base since I’ve tried it. It gives a subtle glow in a light coverage and works great for my dry skin. The Sparkle Eye Shadow in White Sand is an amazing eye product to add exactly just that, sparkle. You can use it alone or on top of your chosen eye shadow. I like to just dab it on top of a light neutral shade, define the socket and line the eyes for that party-ready look. Lastly, the Lip Gloss has the best peppermint flavor of any lip product I have tried. It is there and I know it and I love it! The one I have is Almost Nude which gives just enough wash of nude to the lips with just the right amount of gloss. The more I write about these products, the more I realize how I love them. I almost felt redundant with explaining! Somehow, Bobbi Brown seems to get everything right. 

I’ve mentioned the makeup lessons before and I wanted to share with you my discovery online. Bobbi Brown is offering makeup tips and limited edition gifts for the month of February (here). It’s not at all too late as there’s still 6 days left! I will be booking my makeup lesson appointment soon but in the mean time, you’ll find invaluable video tutorials on the Bobbi Brown Youtube channel.