Beauty of Gold

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Pearl Pendant and Bar Necklace by Michael Hill

michael hill jewelry on

Gold is part of human history and evolution, used in many different ways not just as a currency.  It is a material that will last for a very long time, keeping its form intact. As a piece of jewellery, it carries a particular shine very easy to the eye. When worn, it translates confidence in a person. As an accessory, it adds a nice touch to our outfits–making us feel our best selves.

Hence, I have a couple of the Michael Hill pieces I would love to share. I chose the pearl pendant necklace, which is quite a formal type of jewellery to suit any proper occasion like weddings or anniversary. The other one is a more simple yet delicate in its form–a minimal bar pendant necklace. This ornament is perfect for either a special or casual event.  

Created in collaboration with Michael Hill; thoughts and opinions are my own.