All About Pink - Nails Edition

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My nails have been paint-free for awhile now and I’ve finally come around to painting it pink. Neon pink, as I’m feeling a bit bold. This is Orly Color Blast in True Neon Pink and it could easily be categorized as one of those tan-enhancing colors, as you can see. I’m in summer mood already! I’m liking Orly’s new bottle too. It’s smaller and has a friendlier shape. I used the Faby Oxygen Base Coat (which I talked about here) and topped it with Orly Color Care Hi Shine. Now it’s super glossy!

While we’re on the subject of nails, one thing I’ve discovered is the Maybelline Express Remover. It’s pretty new to me and I love it. I’m convinced it’s all I need to take off the nail polish on my hands (will not work for toes). All I need to do is dip each finger in the container, turn my finger a few times, and voila–clean nails! There’s no mess at all and it works everytime!