Autumn Lately

Floating in between seasons and continually leaning towards and embracing femininity with lace bombers, satin skirts, leopard-accented jumpers, and floral embroideries in the new season collection by Storm. And yes, soft curls. Definitely new. Also loving the new restaurant and cafe openings around the inner city lately, such as Gerome and Winona Forever in Parnell. Gorgeous blue velvet and brass decors and great Greek offerings in Gerome–I love the seared saganaki and burnt eggplant. I’ve only been once to Winona Forever to try the buckwheat hotcakes and I’m definitely coming back. They are always busy so prepare for a bit of wait if you plan to go. 

It is currently raining outside as I type this (hopefully the gods aren’t brewing up a storm) but before that have enjoyed the most glorious sun and clear skies reminiscent of summer for four days straight. We still have a month of autumn left, officially, and I’m wishing for more of those warm sunshiny brighter days. 

Created in collaboration with Storm. Photos of me by Alessi.

Jaya Gascon